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A day in the life of Izzy, staying at Merrymeet Kennels…

7.30am - I have my own bedroom and a nice lady wakes me up and opens my run for me to play in

7.45am - I have my breakfast – James Well Beloved, but there are loads of other foods on the menu too!!

9.30am - I am taken for a nice walk around the lake to strech my legs

12.00pm - I am put to bed for a lunchtime nap

2.00pm - I am taken for another nice walk, this time around the paddock

3.00pm - Bath time for me!!

3.30pm - A nice lady comes to my run and plays with a ball with me

4.30pm - Tea time, James Wellbeloved again – my favourite!!

5.30pm - Time for a treat and bed!!


  •  All Kennels individually heated
  • Individual exercise areas
  • Thermal vet bed provided
  • 2 walks a day
  • All major dog food brands stocked
  • Special diets and medications catered for
  • All dogs covered by Merrymeet Veterinary insurance


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