Terms and Conditions

  1. All animals are insured during their stay with us. Insurance is provided by Aliance (Animal Health) this covers veterinary fees up £1500, for any illness sustained during a stay with us. pre existing conditions are not covered and any gastric issues occuring within 24 hours of arrival are not covered. If the cost of treatment exceeds the maximum of £1500 then the customer is liable for the balance.
  2. Although every possible care and attention will be afforded Merrymeet and its owners do not accept responsibility.
  3. All days booked must be paid for. Owners removing pets befor the booked departure date will be charged for the booked period. Charges are on a day basis, pets arriving on day 1 and departing on day 2 will be charged for 2 days.
  4. If you collect before the booked departure date you will be charged for the booked period. No early departure discount will apply.
  5. You must collect your pet before 09.30 to receive the early departure discount (£9) This only applies to the cost of the kennel and not per pet
  6. All charges must be paid before any pets leaves. A 10% discount will be given for 2 or more pets sharing. Payment may be made using cards or cash. We do not accept cheques.
  7. Vaccinations : All vaccinations must be current. Vaccination certificates must be produced when vaccinations have been updated. Dogs must be vaccinated against kennel cough at least 14 days before coming into kennels. Merrymeet reserves the right to refuse admission to any unvaccinated animal.
  8. Deposits and/or advance payment may be required and are not refundable. Daily rates may change without notice. No extra charge for Bank Holidays….Xmas Day, Boxing day and New Years day are charged double.
  9. Unless otherwise stipulated, any animal dying during a stay with us will be removed to the owners vet. Every attempt will be made to contact owners to determine their wishes. Owners will be liable for any veterinary fees.
  10. Signing the run card on arrival acknowledges acceptance of these terms and conditions. Booking made by phone or email also acknowledges acceptance of these terms and conditions from the date of booking.
  11. Cancellation: We will deal with every request to cancel a booking sympathetically and will not charge if we can relet a kennel. However during June July and August cancellation with less than 7 days notice will result in full payment being required.
  12. Your statutory rights are not affected.